Your code in space!

Yes! You read that right! You, and your team, could be able to send your code to be ran on the International Space Station (ISS)! And, by signing up, we'll send you some goodies to keep you going, and once your code has been ran, you'll get an official certificate from Astro Pi. All for free.

This opportunity ends soon!

Get yours and your teams code in Space on the International Space Station! You've not got long left, but we will provide tutorials to help you learnt the skills and create the code - and we'll send you your certificate certifying your code was ran on the ISS.

York CoderDojo Online.

As a charitable organisation, throughout this pandemic we have faced an uncertain future, and it still contains now. With England being affected by a national lockdown, we are faced with no other decision but to focus our efforts on our online content. We hope to resume face-to-face events and workshops late 2021. You can view what to expect when we return below. Until then, our teams will be working on Online Dojos, and we will be working with York Pi Jam on some exciting new projects such as Mission Zero and the Autumn ‘Code with us’ season. Keep safe and we hope to see you face-to-face in 2021.

Coolest Projects Online 2021

Bring your tech idea to life and share your project with the world.
Register your idea by 3 May 2021!

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