Mission Zero.

Get your code up in Space!

Young people write a program to take a humidity reading onboard the International Space Station and communicate it to the astronauts with a personalised message, which will be displayed for 30 seconds!

1 hour

Ages 14 and under

Suitable for beginners

Entries close in:

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

The process.

Register to sign up to York CoderDojo's Mission Zero (with parental permission) and receive a fun starter kit via email.

Students and young people write their programs and submit them using the code on this website.

The programs are deployed and run on the International Space Station!

Your 'classroom' code to submit:


Can I take part?

Mission Zero is open to young people aged 14 or younger from ESA Member States (like the UK), or Slovenia, Canada, Latvia, or Malta.
Participants can submit entries either individually or as part of a team of 2–4 young people.
Participants must be supervised by a teacher or mentor, who will submit their programs using our code.

Entries for Mission Zero 2020/2021 close on the 19 March 2021.

It's super easy to get started!

You can complete Mission Zero in around an hour - that's some lightning speed.
You don't need any programming knowledge to take part in Mission Zero, and, if your team sticks to be brief, and your program doesn't contain any errors, it is guaranteed to run on the ISS!

Why sign up via York CoderDojo and not just sign up yourself? We will be sending each young person a little treat through email to say good luck, and when your certificates get sent to us, we actually print them out and send them... along with more goodies! All for free!

Mission Zero is a project run in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and ESA Education.
York CoderDojo and Keeping Digital Foundation will be sending out starter kits and printing certificates for all young people who register and submit via York CoderDojo.

York CoderDojo is part of the Keeping Digital Foundation