Mission Zero.

πŸŽ‰ Let's submit your code! πŸŽ‰

There are a few rules your code needs to follow so that you can submit it to be run on the International Space Station. If your code follows them, the rules at the bottom of the emulator will light up in green when you run the program.

1. Take a humidity reading.
2. Light up the LEDs.
3. Ensure your code runs all the way to the end without any errors occurring.
You should not include any while True loops in your code as this will keep you code running and prevent it from finishing.
Also make sure you have met the following criteria:
- Make sure your message to the astronauts runs for no longer than 30 seconds, as this is how long your code will run for on the ISS
- Avoid using any methods needing input
- Only import from the sense_hat, time, and random modules
- Make sure you don’t include any profanity
Once the rules are all green, you are ready to submit.

To submit, your mentor does not have to sign up for a 'classroom code'.

Your 'classroom' code to submit is


Then please enter the 'Team name' you registered with us, and then all of the participants details.

And then submit! We'll send you updates and your certificates as we get them. Well done!

Mission Zero is a project run in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and ESA Education.
York CoderDojo and Keeping Digital Foundation will be sending out starter kits and printing certificates for all young people who register and submit via York CoderDojo.

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