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Whether you're looking to continue a project from a previous Dojo, or are looking at making something new.... the brand new Selby CoderDojo Education website is the place for you. Check out some projects below:

Learning from home.

Whether you’ve got COVID-19 symptoms and are now having to self-isolate, or maybe you’d feel way safer at home… we’ve got you covered. We’ve updated our Projects website so you can make what we are making at our Dojos… right from the comfort of your own homes.

Want to share something with us? Get your parents to give us a tweet at: @CoderDojoSelby


Create websites by completing these projects.

Guide to my country 1.0

Learn to make a website.

Guide to my country 2.0

Take your website design skills further!

Guide to my country 3.0

Add nice layouts and cool effects!


Learn Scratch by working through these fun projects.

Deep sea sushi

Make a fun game.

Pattern pen

Make a cool pattern generator.

Falling stars

Make a platform style game.


Create wearable technology by completing these projects.

Glowing badge

Make a felt badge that lights up.


Learn to control LEDs with code.

App Inventor For Social Enterprise:

Learn to make apps for Android devices by doing projects that can help people in your community.

Global food app

Make a quiz app.

Exercise tracker

Make an exercise tracker.

Accessibilty app

Make a locator app.

Scratch For Social Enterprise:

Learn Scratch whilst building apps and games to help people learn about important issues.

Mosquito patrol

Make your first Scratch program.

Water use calculator

Make a water usage calculator.

Fart catcher

Make a platform-style game.

HTML & CSS For Social Enterprise:

Learn HTML & CSS by creating a website about bird conservation.

Bird watch website 1.0

Learn to make a website.

Bird watch website 2.0

Take your website design skills further!

Bird watch website 3.0

Add nice layouts and cool effects!

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