Moonhack 2021 May 24-30

Code your own planet-saving project

What is Moonhack?

Moonhack is a free international event bringing kids from across the world together for a week of coding!

Suitable for kids ages 8-15, it’s a free, easy and hands-on way to get coding, no matter where you are!

Moonhack 2021 takes place May 24-30.

Register anytime to be counted as part of the final numbers! Can Moonhack get more than 34,000 kids in 2021?

What happens when I sign up?

Our teams will be in touch, so expect an email from the Selby CoderDojo team!

This email will be sent around the days leading up to the 24th of May, and our website will have more information on the Moonhack - then it's time to get making!

Our team are here every step of the way, and you can drop them an email at:

Part of York CoderDojo

This Moonhack activity and website are managed by York CoderDojo, which is part of the Keeping Digital Foundation.

The Moonhack challenge is set by Code Club.

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